Offliner M

Size & Weight:

Size Packaged: 1150 x 500 x 710 mm, depending on car model
Size Unfolded: 1150 x 500 x 1900 mm, depending on car model
Weight Body: 45kg
Weight Kitchenette: 30kg
Weight Sleeping System: 15kg


Select your car, model, and add the camper essentials you need. The basic version comes with a kitchenette including gas and water tanks.

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Product details

  • The materials used are high-quality birch plywood for the sleeping system and even more robust poplar plywood for the offline body and kitchen for durability.
  • The specially made steel and aluminum elements are powder-coated and spray-painted.
  • The high-pressure laminated plywood, as well as the steel and aluminum elements, are precisely milled, lasered and edged using computer-controlled machines.
  • The elements are then partly spray-painted to match the color.

  • x1Body
  • x1Removable Kitchenette
  • x1Safety belts and anchor hooks for fastening
  • x1Camping kit
  • x1Mattress with extensions
  • x1Extendable slatted frame
  • x1Shower attachment
  • x1Cover
  • x2Fastening screws
  • x1Sleeping system incl.
  • 118L gray water tankx1
  • 212L fresh water tankx1
  • 3440g gas catridgex1

Offliner Camping Kit x1
  • 1 2x2Chef's knife Joseph Joseph, different sizes
  • 2 3x1Cutting board
  • 3 4x1Amefa cutlery set for 4 people
  • 4 5x1Victorinox Camper pocket knife
  • 5 6x1Victorinox peeler
  • 6 7x1Gotie lamp with magnetic holder & charging cable
  • 7 8x1Salt & Pepper Joseph Joseph
  • 8 9x1Powerbank / Solar / QI with various charging interfaces and wireless charging station for cell phones and charging cables
  • 1
    Chef's knife Joseph Joseph, different sizes
  • 2
    Cutting board
  • 3
    Amefa cutlery for 4 people 1 set
  • 4
    Victorinox camper pocket knife
  • 5
    Victorinox peeler
  • 6
    Gotie lamp with magnetic holder
  • 7
    Salt & pepper dispenser by Joseph Joseph
  • 8
    Powerbank / Solar / QI with various charging
Refridgerator Dometic Tropicool TCX21 x1
  • Practical cool box for 12 or 24 V direct current and 230 V alternating current
  • Cools down to 27 ° C below the ambient temperature, warms up to +65 ° C
  • Active battery protection prevents deep discharge of the vehicle battery
  • Highly efficient TC special electronics with intelligent energy saving function
  • Reverse polarity protection for easy power connection
  • Priority switching for mains operation
  • Robust, low-wear fan for needs-based internal ventilation

  • The sizes on the right are to be understood as reference values. The exact technical specifications depend on the vehicle.
  • Our CNC production adapts your box exactly to your vehicle model.
  • All you have to do is specify your vehicle when ordering. We take care of the rest.

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