The Offliner Flex has a removable kitchenette for cooking around the campfire or wherever you want. The double gas cooker and sink are made of steel and easily accessible from the rear.

The slatted frame made from 19mm beech wood is light and milled for optimal air circulation. Its four parts are unfolded over the back seats, and fit onto various seat arrangements, whether you have 1 and 2 seat rows.

The mattress (L148 x W195 x H7cm) can be folded into 4 segments and is delivered in the color of your choice. Zippers make it easy to remove and wash the cover.

The removable kitchen unit has a double gas cooker and a fresh water sink with a pull-out tap. The stove contains an electric lighter and an 880g gas cartridge. The tap is supplied by an electric pump and a 12 liter fresh water tank. This can be replaced in no time by a one-click mechanism. The waste water flows into a separate 18 liter waste water tank. The kitchenette can be easily removed - to the lake, campfire, neighboring tent or wherever you want to cook.

The drawer with the camping kit is tailor-made for every utensil. It contains: A 16-piece cutlery from Amefa (knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon), two chef's knives, salt and pepper dispensers from Joseph Joseph, a cutting board, a peeling stick and can opener from Victorinox, a pocket knife with corkscrew, bottle opener and tools , a metal stick lighter, a Powerbar-Solar from PowerNeed and a flex light with a magnet or stick holder from Gotie.

The pull-out faucet in the kitchenette doubles as a shower. This is operated by an electric water pump and connected to the socket (cigarette lighter) provided in the van. The fresh water tank can be quickly replaced with a simple one-click mechanism and comes with a replacement tank.

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