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The Offliner comes in two layouts. Choose your layout first, then, we get to the colors and accessories. Detailed descriptions of these are found on the following product pages. The prices are identical for both layouts.

Offliner M

The Offliner M has an integrated double gas cooker on the left side and a removable rubber sink at the back. The pull-out tap is designed for a quick shower as well. On the right is the refrigerator as well as a garbage can and other accessories. You can order this from us or use your own accessories if available.
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Offliner L

The Offliner L has a removable kitchenette for cooking around the campfire or wherever you want. The double gas cooker and sink are made of steel and easily accessible from the rear. A foldable worktop offers additional cooking space. A shower extension is easily attached to the tap for a quick rinse. The refrigerator, garbage can, and comping tools at the right complete the setup.
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